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Jual tanah di Komplek Setraduta , Bandung Utara

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Deskripsi Tanah kotak,..jalan besar,lokasi Exclusive Detail Tipe Properti: Tanah Pribadi Harga: Rp (Harga nego) Kondisi: - Sertifikat: Hak Milik luas tanah 387 m2 (tanah) [ 125 x 31 m2]
Posted 2008-11-21 11:39:53
Why Property Agent Easy "betrayed" their clients?

A property agent told a new case that befall them. Not a special event in the property broker profession. Buyers? affier? with the seller. Transaction without the property agent.

Why things like this can happen and often? Of course, there are wet or seized by it unconsciously by the property agents. The problem of mentality service user community property broker, the weakness of the services of the broker or the regulations and laws that do not support the professional brokers in Indonesia.

Let's hear the story above. Property agents have a friend who wants to sell her house. The friends and property agents agree with the marketing exclusively (exclusive listings). All contents of mark more

Posted 2008-11-21 11:38:49
Opportunities and Challenges Property Agent

Property agent, the profession that is increasingly known in the community. During the property boom, Th 2003? Th, 2004, a property agent to be a very attractive profession. So easy to sell the property, such effect. Apparently, the last two years the phenomenon has ended.

Although market conditions are properties decreased, the opportunity of success as a professional property agents remain large. Many of the evidence indicates property agents remain able to achieve a good income. Seen from the appearance of the property agent convincing. Transportation and communication facilities are used. Offices, agents and properties of the modern good.

There are several reasons for professional more

Posted 2008-11-21 11:38:18
Self Talk: must be thinking by a property agent

1. We know what must be done by a property agent. Only we do not do this. Or we have to do, but how good?

2. We want to be the best. Do we have to provide the best in themselves? Training seminars and the best. Information (books) to the best of our knowledge. The best investment for our appearance. If we have not provide the best in ourselves, what we may provide the best in others, also on the customers.

3. We want to build relationships with prospects. Are we worth before the prospect? Why should the prospects are interested in dealing with us? Are we better than competitors? We are more polite, more patient, more experts, more information, more useful, we are more valuable?

4. W more

Posted 2008-11-21 11:37:43
Do not Passive - Create Opportunities

Do not wait. folow broker for the property at this time. What are we waiting? The success during the property boom in 2002? 2004. Where is the business come to us without stopping. Launching the sake of launching the product alternately. Developer race their new products.

Period? Party? have passed. Stock of the secondary property market in the drawing. The price down. This year there is good news, the lower the interest Bank credit home. The role of property brokers increasingly important. Now it's time to buy property. Prices fall, interest Bank credit home is under 10% per year.

Difficulty selling the property also felt by owners of the property. Advertising their businesses do not more

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